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Nitrogen oil industry
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Nitrogen oil industry

1, the principle:
The PSA Nitrogen is an advanced gas separation technology (PSA), the use of imported carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent to get nitrogen from the air at room temperature, pressure swing adsorption principle. Under certain pressure, the use of oxygen in the air, nitrogen difference in the amount of carbon molecular sieve adsorption, carbon molecular sieve adsorption than nitrogen diffusion of oxygen through the PLC control pneumatic valves open and close, to A, B two towers alternate cycle, pressurized adsorption and desorption process under reduced pressure, to complete the separation of oxygen and nitrogen, the nitrogen of the desired purity. To PSA Nitrogen can be widely used in: metallurgy industry, heat treatment, electronics, petrochemical, food, gas injection, tire nitrogen and other industries.
2, the process:

3, the main features:
Low energy consumption: Germany's state-of-the-art process, adsorption tower unique and wins gas diversion technology equipment with high energy efficiency. Intelligent: The system uses intelligent control button for nitrogen production, no special management. More reliable: the original German imports of carbon molecular sieve and Proudly pneumatic valves, molecular sieves using a special filling, more dense, effectively extending the life of the molecular sieve.
Easier: the highest nitrogen purity up to 99.9995%.
4, the technical indicators:
Flow :1-2000Nm3 / h
:95-Purity 99.9995%
Pressure: 1.0Mpa following adjustable
Dew Point: -40 ° C for 24-hour service Tel 13812758187

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