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Nitrogen principle

   Clean compressed air from the bottom of the absorption tower into the air flowing through the air dispersion spread smoothly into the absorption tower, bottom-up, oxygen and nitrogen adsorption and separation, and then flows out from the outlet end of the nitrogen, the nitrogen buffer tank, thisnitrogen production process of approximately 60S, and then by equalizing and under reduced pressure (to atmospheric pressure), the removal of the adsorbed impurities (mainly for oxygen, moisture), the completion of the regeneration of the adsorbent. Two adsorption towers pay replacement cycle of operation, nitrogen product purity ≥ 99.9%; production of ≥ 500Nm3 / h; the pressure 0.7Mpa (adjustable); dew point ≤ -40 ° C.

   Feed air through the air compression, purification, into the fine filter, spiral agglutination, the appearance of three filters to remove large particles of liquid water and oil, and then enter the refrigeration dryer, compressed air pressure dew point drop by the refrigerant compressor refrigeration system to 2 ° C to 3 ° C, to remove large amounts of water, after entering the ultra-fine filter, and further removing the compression of the solid particles contained in the compressed air, the compressed air mass reaches 0.01, and then enters a carbon canister, to remove most of the oil class, hydrocarbons, etc., which by air buffer tank into two packed with adsorbent carbon molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption separation device, LSPD nitrogen production unit. Alternate outputs nitrogen.

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