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    Suzhou send Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Tiger Hill, Suzhou tourist destination foot 5 km, 312 State Road 10 kilometers, only two kilometers away from the Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed, three kilometers away from Suzhou New District, close to the Su, Yuzhang Gong Road, traffic is very convenient . The company is engaged in the development and manufacture of gas equipment of the professional company, is an advanced technology, quality and efficient services in many fields renowned high-tech entities. The company has accumulated years of production experience and user practical experience, and to draw domestic and foreign high-tech achievements, the company has to rely on scientific and technological progress to enhance their strength, and hired a domestic PSA, new materials, and authority in the field of engineering thermodynamics studies scholars as advisers, constantly improve the performance of the various types of products, and constantly develop high-tech, high-quality new products.

    The company relies on a team of professional engaged in the pressure swing adsorption technology research, promotion, production and technical personnel, after the pioneering efforts of all my colleagues, adhere to the principle of the supremacy of users, the company has developed into a domestic of a certain size, scientific research and production as one of the professional supplier of air separation equipment, can provide customers with PSA carbon molecular sieve nitrogen plant, membrane separation nitrogen plant, ammonia decomposition hydrogen plant, PSA molecular sieve oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen ratio installations, gas purification devices, and according to user requirements, offers a variety of supply solutions; also provide users with the nitrogen plant and equipment maintenance, user training, technical consulting. Existing, senior professional titles of technical personnel accounting for 75% of the total number of employees, has a professional PSA carbon molecular sieve nitrogen, membrane nitrogen and ammonia decomposition of hydrogen equipment production base.

    The company produces PSA nitrogen equipment is widely transported in non-ferrous, ferrous metal heat treatment, chemical industry, oil industry, plastic industry, rubber industry, electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, beer, beverage, food preservation, metallurgical industry, glass industry of coal industry industries and areas of space technology support, equipment, stable, safe and reliable. We are dedicated to provide users with the best products and the most satisfactory service, quality is the life, the reputation is the basis for cooperation, welcome to choose my company's products and to visit our company and cooperate sincerely.

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